"Recently Soroptimist International and Women for Women International partnered with Insight Multicultural Communication to produce a short promotional video/DVD for our mutual project- Project Independence: Women Survivors of War.  I have shown this video to thousands of women representing over 75 countries thus far who are members of Soroptimist International as well as other community support groups. Audiences have been riveted to our project and feel that they have a complete understanding of the importance of the program and the necessity to "join us in the field" working on behalf of women survivors of war. The film is short, compelling, vivid, challenging and optimistic. While the brutality of war can't be hidden- this project begins some of the healing and help for the victims of war....helping them be survivors and then VICTORS through support, education and vocational training. David Gilbert's work, once again, is sensitive and important to our cause. Thanks so very much"!

 Dawn Marie Lemonds,
Soroptimist International Quadrennial Project Liaison.


"This work is of significant value to an audience of social service providers, teachers and students who may be unaware of the experiences endured by our refugee population. These groups are introduced into the mainstream grounded in an accurate overview of culture and politics; and through individual representative interviews, a human face is placed upon this suffering. This work increases the depth of understanding between the host countries and their newcomers across a wide cultural chasm."

S.E. Gilman, Title V11 Program, Washington USD

"Not only will teachers gain a greater understanding of the cultures, but they will also gain a greater respect for the spiritual and cultural strength of these groups. I also believe that students would benefit from seeing these films. Many students have unrealistic perceptions and prejudices. At a recent training for 150 teachers I showed these films. The response was overwhelmingly positive."

Diane Marshall, Project Empower, San Diego City Schools

"An invaluable tool for teacher, social service and counselor preparation programs. These video tapes provide sensitive and in-depth insight into the refugee and immigrant experience."

Linda Miller, Admissions Counselor, San Francisco State University

"Kids talking to Kids, through interviews, paintings and music, there is no better way of promoting understanding within a culturally diverse classroom. These video tapes give teachers a much needed tool for facilitating dialogue, communication and creativity within the classroom."

V. Hargrave, Teacher, Santa Cruz Co. Schools