Outreach Programs


High Risk Youth - Video Outreach Program

  • Video Outreach
  • Drugs, Gangs, & Violence Intervention Program

This outreach program is hands-on video production and training program working with high-risk youth. These young people create documentary stories about their lives and struggles with substance abuse, gang involvement, violence, teen pregnancy ... ...

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Project Independence - Soroptimist International

The film briefly chronicles the wars of Rwanda, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the impact they have on women's lives in these countries. Project Independence is a joint effort of Women For Women International and Soroptimist International.

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Women For Women International

This outreach program was produced to assist efforts to help refugee women in different countries around the world.

Narrated by Alice Walker.

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Oaxaca Water Outreach Project

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Amazonia Aids Outreach Project

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Homeland Around The World Outreach Project

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Refugee Camp Outreach Project

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