Youth On The Edge

Video Production Program


Insight MCC established  “ Youth On The Edge / VIdeo Production Program” in 2003.  This program was established in response to the escalating situation that young people face today in regards to the temptation of gang involvement, drugs, alcohol, and youth violence. The focus of this outreach program is on youth intervention. An essential goal of the intervention process is working with youth to develop their own voice by allowing them to be honest and open about their present and past life experience.

The video production workshop is a space for students to re-enact their stories. Through this process the students explore what they have lived through and how it has affected their lives. Furthermore, the youth delve into what decisions they made along their life path and how those decisions impacted their families, friends, schools, communities, and future. This is explored in the stories the youth share during their personal interviews, which are a key part of the program. These interviews illuminate what sequence of events contributed to leading each student astray.

The young people involved in the program play instrumental roles in the program’s design and implementation.  They learn different aspects of the video production process, such as camera operation, lighting, sound recording, location field production, storyboard creation, conducting interviews, basic improv acting skills, editing, sound track, and graphics. The students’ hard work culminates in a finished production that they are proud to have created themselves. The outreach program strives to enhance the following set of skills for the youth: individual character development focusing on honesty and integrity, leadership, public speaking, and communication.

The making of these films allows the students to act out their creative inspirations in a safe, fun, and dynamic environment. Each step of the process emphasizes group participation and interaction.  Each student is able to participate in one or more aspects of the video production process.  It’s a setting where they learn how to get along and work together in a creative and supportive environment.





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