Traditional Expressions

A Multicultural Art Experience Hands on Art Workshops


These rich and inspiring workshops focus on the art forms of traditional and indigenous people from many cultures around the world. This program consists of a series of five multimedia workshops; "Native American Shields" of the plains tribes, "Totem Poles" from the tribes of the north coast from Washington to Alaska, "Aboriginal Painting" from Australian, "African Masks", and "Asian Mandala Painting" from Tibet, India... Each project is introduced with a visual montage of the traditional artwork and a background narrative which introduces the traditional role of the art form within the culture. This program is designed to give teachers a clearly defined hands on creative process in which they can recreate these traditional art forms within their classrooms. This workshop brings young people a multicultural creative art experience which helps foster a deeper understanding and respect for the traditional people of our planet.

Production Notes

Produced By David Gilbert, 1995

30 Minutes Color Video

Grades 1-12 & Adult

A step-by-step curriculum manual

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