Speaking Out for Change

Youth Speaking Out To Youth - The Choices We Make


This program was designed as a tool in which young people, both current and ex- gang members, can speak directly to other youth about the impact gang involvement has had on their lives. Their comments are moving and insightful reflections of the difficulties, pain and hardship they encountered while in gangs.

These youth speak out about:

These young people have taken an affirmative position to speak out against gang involvement and help other youth at risk by communicating to them about where this path leads.


"You shouldn't get into a gang, it's painful, like if they shoot you or stab you your mother will be crying - your gonna be gone. You only have one chance at life - one time." Boy, 11 years old

Production Notes

Produced By David Gilbert, 1998

15 Minutes Color Video

Grades 4-12 & Adult

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