The Path to Empowerment

An Interview with Luis Rodriquez

Luis Rodriquez, author of Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.

Luis is an author, poet, journalist and nationally renowned speaker. In this interview Luis candidly discuses his personal life story and the experiences with his own family that lead him on a path to healing and transforming his life. He offers insight into the deeper issues that affect many young people today and the path to re-empowering the youth and channeling the warrior energy into positive creative directions.

In this interview Luis presents a penetrating and insightful look into the roots of anger, the layers of oppression over the last 500 years, borders breaking down, and the struggle to move forward and recreate balance. Louis expresses the positive vision for the future he is moving forward with in his life and work. A future in which there is a renewed since of compassion brought back into our relationships and communities. Where we come together to work in positive ways to help the young people.


Production Notes

Produced By David Gilbert

24 Minutes VHS

Grades 4-12 & Adult

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