Images That Speak

The Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop

This program portrays a workshop that assists with promoting cross - cultural communication and understanding within an ethnically diverse classroom setting. Through the images students create and their interaction with one another about their homeland, traditional culture and life experience these young people capture a fresh and unusual perspective of an ethnically diverse group of young people working together to learn from and understand one another.

The workshop portrayed in this video was conducted in a middle school and San Francisco's port of entry high school for recently arrived refugee and immigrants students. The program reflects refugee and immigrant students from 12 different countries around the world. This workshop portrays a positive model of creative cross-cultural interaction through which students have the opportunity to affirm their own unique cultural heritage and life experience and gain a deeper understanding of their fellow classmates.


Production Notes

Produced By David Gilbert, 1989

30 Minutes Color Video

Grades 3-12 & Adult

Instructional Training Manual with Handouts

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