Homeland Around the World

The Story of Our Recently Arrived Refugee and Immigrant Students

This program is a brief glimpse into the rich cultural diversity and life experience of people living in various countries around the Pacific Rim and the journey of recently arrived refugee and immigrant children and their families who have come to resettle here in the United States. Young artists' paintings are visually inter-woven throughout this production. The program travels through China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Mexico, and Central America visiting schools, villages, and refugee camps.

This production provides students, teachers, counselors, administrators and members of our community with a brief overview of the history, culture and background life experience of recently arrived refugee and immigrant children. This program consists of paintings, traditional childrens songs and music, live interviews, historical narration, and documentary images of: the children, their school, culture, and homeland environment.


Production Notes

Produced By David Gilbert, 1989

28 Minutes Color Video

Grades 4-12 & Adult

Instructional Training Manual

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