Global Mosaic

Earth Summit - Global Forum - Rio Brazil

The production was shot on location at the Global Forum, a part of the Earth Summit in Rio Brazil, 1992. This Global Forum was a grass roots gathering of concerned individuals, groups, and environmental NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) from countries and cultures around the world. These groups were unified by the common theme of showing their solidarity for seeking grass roots solutions to the global environmental crisis.

This program is an experiential montage of the people that were a part of that process and the beauty they brought to the event through their performances and the expressions of their traditional cultures. The sound track is a mosaic of the musical traditions, ceremonial expressions, and performances that were presented during the global forum.

From the traditional peoples of North and South America, to ceremonial & religious dancing from Asia, Africa and North America, this piece captures the spirit of a unique global event - one in which our human community come together to face the challenges of coping with an environmental crisis and our survival into the 21st century. Excerpts from the '1997 State of the World' The Legacy of Rio by Lester Brown, Christopher Flavin...are included in the introduction of this work.

Production Notes

Produced By David Gilbert, 1999

16 Minutes Color Video

Grades 6-12 & Adult

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